Practical stuff

This day basically went with during practical stuff 🙂 Todd (dad) and I went to the athletic department and got all my paperwork done for cheerleading, so now I’m ready to go! Cheerleading starts tomorrow, and I’m pretty nervous but also super excited 🙂 I met the varsity coach today (I’m on the junior varsity team) and she was so sweet, and I’ve just been added to the Juanita Cheerleading group on facebook which makes it all a bit more real 😀 Okay I’ll shut up about my cheerleading now haha 🙂

Well afterwards we went to this phone store, and got a new sim-card for my iPhone, so now I have a american number uhh exciting 😉 I was really lucky today, I was going to get a new charger for my phone and computer (mine doesn’t work over here) so in the phone store I could get it half price, because Todd had this like discount thing, so that was really cool! Then I went to a Mac Store to get like a new like charger thing for my computer, kind of hard to explain but on a apple computer you don’t need a new charger you can just get like a new like plug, well anyways, they’re normally like 39$ but the really nice guy in the store said that he couldn’t find the price tag, so I got it for free!!! wuhuuu!!

I’m feeling so lucky, I’m kind of scared it’ll turn around soon arhhhh!!!

The rest of the day I just worked on some cheer chants (I’ll stop now don’t worry), ohh and yeah I got a new calendar to keep track of all the practices, games, fundraisers and school stuff! 😀 😀



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