One week left

Hey sweeties!

So I’m back and with exiting stuff to tell you! Today there’s only one week left until I leave for the states and I’m super exited and nervous and stressed and happy… well my emotions is pretty f****d up 😀 With only one week left I felt it appropriate to tell you just a bit about my host family! I’m going to live with my american mum Lynette, dad Todd, little sister Ella, who 8 years old, and little brother Cooper, 4 years old! I’ve already written a lot with them, and they’re so amazingly sweet! Todd is currently participating in “Race Across America” aren’t that super inspiring and a tiny bit insane?!? 😀

With only one week left, my calendar is pretty booked. I have a lot of people to see and goodbye to say, which is hard but also good, because I’m sure they’ll be there when I get home again 🙂

One of the first posts on the new “USA edition Life’s A Catwalk” 😀

Take care,



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