2011 in pictures #1

I watched An Education in the beginning of the year

I read Elle

I talked about love

Denmark’s new prince and princess

I took some gorgeous photos of my friend Benedicte

Susanne Bier won a Golden Globe and a Oscar

I wore a pretty extreme jumpsuit

I drove Go Kart with my sweet classmates 🙂

I took some photos of the always sweet Matilde 🙂

My sweet cat Mille died

Norway turned into a real winter wonderland 🙂

I went to Århus with my sweet friends from my gym team 😀

I went for a walk in the gorgeous spring weather!

Ate dinner with my lovely ladies 🙂

Wore an eagle, totally forgot about that top actually 🙂

I sent all my thought to Japan during the awful disaster!

Got my moodboard which is now full of amazing inspiration

We got ourselves the future king and queen of England, and aren’t they gorgeous?!

Got this amazing shirt from H&M and have worn it almost every day since 😉

Took some pictures of Mette and Cathrine, which turned out kind of great! 🙂

Celebrated the first days of summer with my sweet friends!

Wore amazing pink nail polish!

Made cupcakes with Anna 🙂

Wore lots of different outfits – new years resolution: no more mirror pictures, they’re awful!

Talked a bit about the amazing moments in life 🙂

Went to a bloggers sale 🙂

Had my gym show which luckily went well 🙂

We ran into confirmation-season which meant lots of parties!

Including my own – well not the party, those pictures you’ll get in the second round 🙂

The parties meant dressing probably which i tried to 🙂

In the beginning of the summer, my parents also got divorced, which meant one hell of a hard summer for me –  what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

And i got my Acne babies – looooovvveeee!!! 🙂

In the next chapter of 2011 in pictures you’ll see pics from my party, NYC, Washington and a lot of other fun things! 😀



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