A great man!

When i woke up today, i took my white IPhone 4 which were, as always, lying by my side on my table. I did as usual cancelled the alarm, checked first Bloglovin’ and then Facebook, and then something changed.

The last couple of years i have been living and breathing for Apple, convinced my dad that Apple would beat Windows every time, made my whole family believe that Apple was the only right thing! “ONCE YOU GO MAC YOU NEVER GO BACK!”

While i’m sitting here in my bed with my Macbook Pro, my iPhone is laying besides me, my iPad is on the table and my iMac is standing on my desk.

When i checked Facebook this morning i realized that a great man is gone. Steve Jobs fought a tough and unfair game until he died today… He was only 56 years old, terribly sick of cancer and from what i’ve heard a great man! It’s with great sorrow that i write this but Steve Jobs may you always rest in peace!!

Apples new leader has large shoes to fill!

Steve Jobs i hope, well actually i know that you’ll never be forgotten! I send my thoughts to your family who probably was prepared for this, but i’m sure is feeling like hell!

And to all of you out there, always remember: “If your going through a tough time – keep going!”

“Kiss slowly, forgive quickly, play hard, take chances, give everything and have no regrets”



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