The view from our hotelroom 🙂 VERY different from NY!!
 Cupcake car 🙂


The White House! I most say it was kind of a downer to see that! You know, its kind of small and the castles in Denmark are much prettier!


Sort of forgot what it’s called in english, but on wiki it’s says that its called: “The Washington Monument” so i guess that’s it!


If you didn’t guessed it after the first photo, this is the WW2 memorial 🙂


The Abraham Lincoln memorial 🙂

The Arlington Cemetery


The Kennedy memorial!

Washington was unbearable! It’s was over 40 degrees and we were walking around!! I’m telling you it was awful, so i really hope you enjoyed these pictures!! 😀



On the plane!

Hey freaks!
I’m on my way to france right now, but i have some posts ready for you!!

Enjoy what’s left of your vacation!!

Btw. My pictures won’t upload when i’m writing on my IPad, so if you want to see pictures you’ll have to follow my twitter. You can find on the right side of the blog, but if that doesn’t work i’m called: emmatheresebay 🙂


Home sweet home

 Finally home! 😀

Not that i don’t miss USA now, but i’m really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! 🙂

I have lots of pictures to show you guys, course after Washington we went to the Hamptons! It has been an amazing vacation! 😀

On thusday i’m going to France which’ll meen lack of blogging again! But i think i’ll prepare some posts for you! 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday!! 😀


Arrived #2

Hello lovers 😉

Arrived in Washington on our hotel, which is really nice! 🙂 We’re staying at the Hilton, and right now i’m sitting in the lounge, drinking hot chocolate! 😀

Tomorrow is going to be a loooooong day!!! We have lots to see, before going Montauk on thursday 🙂

Therefor you shouldn’t expect any blogging tomorrow :S



        If you were wondering ( 😉 ) Grand Central Terminal! And i’m telling you it’s grand!!! The lower level is filled up with restaurants and café’s 🙂

 The Juicy Couture entrance on 5th. 😀

 Manolo Blahnik, if you’re in NY and looking for it beware that it’s pretty hidden! Not like Juicy Couture 🙂

  Puppies on sale is kind of weird but they were sooooooooo cute!! 😀